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Engineering consulting firm, studio of design for a complete and innovative 360º offer.
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+33 (0)1 53 26 88 00

About Tryame

Tryame / About Tryame

About Tryame

Tryame : key informations

Created in 1992

3000 m2 workshops in France

90% of its clients are rated at CAC40

Production of models and prototypes in all dimensions, all scales of reduction or enlargement

More than 4000 projects completed

Tryame : background

In 1992, the acquisition of the Intermaquettes company by 3 of its employees created 3G.

Since then, 3G associated the skills of Quadripol, AEF, ATP, Technistrat and became more recognized in the the sector of model-making and industrial prototypes.

In 2012, 3G had been renamed to Tryame. The company continues to transform the ideas into reality with all its competences.

Tryame : philosophy and vision

Tryame, since it has been created in 1992 believes in continuous development, the importance of quality work and in its values: entrepreneurship, transparency credibility, anticipation and professionalism are our motto.

All our pieces are unique. During our meetings with clients, we strive to understand their exact needs. It is always important for us to create trust and confidence with our customers and partners.

To the encouragement of Jacques Benoit, co-owner of Tryame, we would like to achieve a perfect democracy within the company, where every employee can have his say in the management of the company.

Why Tryame ?

Tryame by its very name “TRI” shows the three main sectors we are mastering: design, engineering and industrial model making.

Tryame is a unique company as well as its projects and prototypes which are achieved every day for our clients in France and abroad.

Tryame is a competent group which can, thanks to its professionalism, technical performance and sense of service, anticipate the future.

Tryame is in the spirit of originality and discovery…


Tryame is a unique company, like the projects and prototypes it creates every day for its customers, and is as much French as international.


In 2017 Tryame obtained the new label "Made in Paris" and the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)