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Engineering consulting firm, studio of design for a complete and innovative 360º offer.
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+33 (0)1 53 26 88 00

Tevékenységi terület

Tryame / Tevékenységi terület

Tevékenységi terület

Proposing an offer at 360 ° transversal and innovative range, Tryame is able to provide the entire monitoring of your projects from conception to realization.

From creation, design and digital design to technical development and marketing, through prototyping and production, Tryame centralizes his know-how and optimizes its marketing strategy.

From wood to metal through composite materials and electronic components, from the smallest models to the most sophisticated industrial prototypes, from simple forms to the most complex, our technicians have at their disposal a unique know-how to realize models with precision, the products being always in accordance with your specifications, whatever their size. Thanks to our quality requirements, Tryame warrants robust products that are able to bear multiple trips.

Tevékenységi terület :

Model 1/5°, 1/10°e, 1/20°, 1/100°

Full-scale model (scale 1)

Educational model

Animated model

Training Equipment


Rapid prototyping



Engineering for expositions

R&D office


A Tryame egy egyedülálló cég, mint a napi ügyfelek számára létrehozott projektek és prototípusok, és ugyanolyan francia, mint nemzetközi.


2017-ben Tryame megkapta az "Made in Paris" új címkét és a Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)